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Retrofit of existing fixtures • Replacement of existing lighting
Installation of advanced energy control systems

Office & Retail • Parking Lots/Parking Garages  •  Institutional • Industrial

Our goal is to provide lighting solutions that bring higher efficiency, lower operating costs,
better performance, and enhanced aesthetics to working environments.


The LED lights that we recommend are high-quality and long-lasting.
They will typically last for more than 10 years…no lights to replace and lower building maintenance costs.

We coordinate installation of LED lighting, advanced energy control systems and HVAC energy upgrades.

We are committed to guiding you in making the best decisions for your specific needs.

Why Act Now?

Why Act Now?

Virtually no out of pocket costs for some products, thanks to current government and utility company incentive programs.

Typical operating cost savings over 10 years is amazing! Very short initial payback period.

Your Options

Your Options

- Retrofit existing fixtures so they can use LED lamps, or install new LED fixtures.

- Integrate cost-saving HV/AC energy controls.

- Upgrade parking areas for better lighting, greater safety, and reduced operating cost.

- Install solar power generation when it becomes cost effective.

Why Use EnergyTech LED?

Why Use EnergyTech LED?

EnergyTech LED’s Principals have owned and managed
commercial properties for many years. They know what makes
financial sense. They want your business and your referrals.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

LED lighting costs less to
operate, is less wasteful, and
does not contain any toxic
mercury (unlike fluorescent

Why LEDs?

Best In Class…

LED quality lighting products are now pleasing to the eye, reliable and cost effective.

The time to act has never been better.

Less Expensive to Operate

When you use quality LED products, you get more light for less money. See the difference on our lighting comparison chart.

Also, LED products are designed to last for many years, dramatically lowering labor costs for replacement.

Retrofit or Replace?

COST is a major factor.  Replacement of fixtures can cost you 4 times as much money as the cost of simply retrofitting your existing ones.  We’ll spell out your choices.

Required Energy Benchmarking is Now Law.

Effective July 1, 2014, all commercial buildings 5,000 sq. ft. or larger must be measured for their level of energy efficiency and that information must be given to prospective buyers prior to sale in California.  Converting to LED lighting will improve your rating by increasing efficiency and it will also increase building value by lowering costs.

Typical Applications for Replacement LED Lighting

Building Types


– Office Buildings
– Retail Centers
– Warehousing
– Manufacturing
– Churches and Schools

Typical Applications

paramit- Ceiling Fluorescent Lighting
– Recessed and Indirect Lighting
– Bay, Canopy and Flood Lighting
– Parking Lot and Garage Lighting

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